About us

We are the best from our client'spoint of view

We are a young and promising team

iShopping Company services We offer you multiple logistical solutions at all levels of size or efficiency, including internal delivery in many of the countries in which we operate or import and export from all countries of the world, a high level of quality and trust, you can trust us.


We will deliver your goods to any places

We provide many shipping or delivery services, as we provide delivery services within the cities in which we operate, as well as external and internal shipping and customs clearance services for all customers.

Round-The-Clock Delivery

Internal delivery services within the countries in which we operate

Transportation By Plane

Air freight services for all goods to our customers

Transportation By Train

Shipping through high-speed trains between countries that support this

Transportation By Ship

Sea freight services from all countries

Local package delivery services

Express delivery within cities or countries
Deliver your shipments and parcels very quickly within the city or country where iShopping services operate at the best price and highest quality

Shipping and storage services in our warehouses

We have a network of small/medium sized storage and fulfillment facilities for providing storage, pick, pack and shipping services.

We transport and deliver your goods from your warehouses to your branches or between the branches themselves.

International storage services

You can store the goods you own in our warehouses in other countries, and you can sell these products using the iShopping company website to sell these orders and collect your money.
Example of selling from Turkish stores to all over the world

Why iShopping BetterFaster

Quality and price

We provide all of these services while maintaining the quality of the products while providing comprehensive solutions in all stages of the shipping and distribution operations, while distributing the lowest prices to customers.

New technology

We rely on the latest technology in storage and normalization systems

Comprehensive cover

Great delivery services through our partners or company distributors. We cover all the cities and governorates in which we operate