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Self-made tooth whitening tray 2 thermoplastic accessories medical equipment soft silica gel thermal curing mold teeth

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Self-made tooth whitening tray...


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  • Brand Name: MOONBIFFY
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: HC0006
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Material: Food grade EVA silicone
  • Size: 1pair
  • Model Number: HC0006
  • Ingrediente: Food grade EVA silicone
  • Item: Homemade dental tray
  • Feature1: Softening with hot water
  • Feature2: safe, non-toxic and no side effects.

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1. Good shape stability. After soaking in boiling water for a long time, the pan will not seriously deform or shrink. So that it cannot be used.
2. High transparency. The molded tray maintains high transparency and is especially suitable for use with cold light bleaches.
3. Good thermoplasticity. Compared with similar products, thermoplastic has clear advantages and is especially suitable for domestic use. The rubber line is very clear.
4, can be formed repeatedly. Due to the inability to control the water temperature and soaking time, the tray-forming effect is often not good. This product can be remodeled in hot water at 80-90 ° C even if it is badly formed, which is not available in other products.

Instructions for use:

1 practice of carrying the tooth tray: the tooth tray is used in the upper gum bed, and the air between the tray and the gum bed is discharged by suction, so that the tray can wrap the entire surface of the tooth. Tips: Repeated practice twice, this is an important process to make the tray. The lower teeth are practiced in the same way.
2. Soften the pan: Pour 80-90 ° C water into a flat-bottomed container. The depth of the water is suitable for submerging the tray and the handle is left above the surface of the water. The tooth tray is immersed in the water for 5-7 seconds and then removed. Tips: At the moment the tray is very soft, so the immersion time should not be too long, it is soft and stretched when the tray is raised. It is better to start the warp slightly.
3 make the tray: lift the tray, put the tray carefully and quickly into the gum, and continue to do the suction method in step 1. The finger press the joint surface of the tooth and tooth bracket to make it thin, while the tip of the tongue tightens the rest of the tooth and the inner surface of the tooth. Tips: speed is fast, be careful not to bite hard. The tray is a little hot, but it does not cause any damage.
4. Trim the tray: After pressing your finger for 10-15 seconds, remove the tray and rinse with water. Cut off excess material with scissors by squeezing the gum line (the line between the tooth and the gum) on the tray and then cutting off the handle. Tips: Cut the upper part of the gum line, The gel can only be placed in contact with the teeth to avoid irritating the gums.



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